Mia Esmeralda adopted by Veronica on 03/07/2017

After our 12 year old dog passed away, we felt the need of another pet. I wanted another dog but my daughter decided a cat would be a better choice for us since we now live in an apartment. We went to the shelter and fell in love with several cats but Mia stole our hearts. She is so sweet and has made our home hers as well. She loves treats and sleeps by my feet at night. We are so happy to have her; we will love her and take care of her for as long as she lives.
And by the way, my daughter Sammie added Esmeralda as her middle name because of her gorgeous green eyes 🙂

At home Kramer

Kramer adopted by Melinda on 02/07/2017

Just before we adopted Kramer we had lost our previous fur baby. When we started looking at other dogs a week after our loss we came across this handsome fella named Kramer. On our first meeting with Kramer he sat on my left foot looked at me then looked at my husband as if saying when am I coming home. So my husband and I brought our youngest daughter to meet him. Kramer is 3 for 3 for taking to the family. I brought my oldest daughter to meet him Kramer sealed the deal. By the 7th of February Kramer has made his way home and making himself at home. He has gotten the nickname chewie. Kramer decided to really make himself at home when he climbed into my camping chair

Just Like Dad

Hiccup (formerly known as Sir Limps a-lot adopted by David Braun-Harrison on 12/15/2014

As a disabled veteran who has to walk with a limp and cane, my wife and I had been looking at helping with fostering for the shelter over the Christmas holiday season to help clear the shelter. She had been looking at the cats while I looking at the dogs. My wife had told me about a certain cat that had been there for a while and was missing one of his legs. Well I told her we should go see him, when I walked in I was greeted and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “where is the cat missing the leg i would like to see him.” I was told that he was extremely shy and possibly close to being feral, even though that might have been true i wanted to see him. It took me a bit to get him wrapped in a blanket to even be able to hold him, he was a very frightened kitty. Even though my wife thought it not to possible to keep him we took him for the holidays. He always hung out under our bed out of reach but ate and came out at night. As time went by I decided that a box was not his place and he needed a place even if it was not going to be possible to pet or play with. That was just about 2 years ago. Hiccup has now been running around when the kids are not home during the day and even meows when he is wanting affection, and man does he love affection. My wife and I both think that hes making up for lost time of what we call “getting the pets” and purrs like there is no tomorrow. We are still working on being able to hold him in our laps but it has been a very long road for our little friend who was very misunderstood. He has found a place in our hearts and still manages to amaze me with where he is able to get to. He has been one of the most interesting “foster failures” that has been in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about him.


Greyson adopted by James on 01/23/2016

My wife and I have wanted a dog for a few years, but didn’t want to get one until we had a yard for them to play in. Once we got the house we kept meaning to go to the DFW Human society to look for a dog to adopt, but it always seemed like we were too busy. One day a friend of our showed us a picture of a little brindle pitbull puppy that was up for adoption. I love brindle dogs, and I love pits, so we decided to go take a look that weekend. As we looked at the puppies (which we so adorable), we felt pulled to go look at the adult dogs. A volunteer named Jim asked us some questions and brought out his “favorite dog” Greyson. We fell in love with his sweet face and big energy. He has been a never ending blessing to our little family.

Guinea Love

Popcorn and Ginger adopted by Kylie on 08/06/2016

Hi there! My daughter and I come love on the animals as often as we can. I have two mixed pit babies from there. We had just left PetSmart looking at rats- which my daughter Kylie was set on- and decided to go pet the cats. My older daughter- Lillie had adopted 3 surrendered rats there, years ago…so I told Kylie it was worth a shit to ask. Sure enough, y’all had two surrendered guineas! She tried to hold out for rats- it lasted about one minute- then held popcorn. We took both of the piggies home and they are spoiled Titans loved tremendously. They love to snuggle and be fed fresh fruit and run in their play gate and sleep in their comfy guinea beds. Thank you all for what you do! Thank you from a very happy little girl that loves her guinea babies!

Another happy adopted baby!

Scooter (formerly known as Luke) adopted by Laurie on 07/30/2016

For the past 30 years, my husband and I have adopted cats, kittens, and even a couple of dogs from various shelters and foster care. We’ve cared for and eventually adopted feral cats in our neighborhood, having them spayed or neutered.

During the span of one week in July, three of our indoor/outdoor adopted strays went missing, as well as our adopted Maine Coon who used to just stay in the yard. We were truly devastated, not knowing what happened to them. We shudder to think that someone in our neighborhood could do something to our furry babies… We miss them dearly.

This left us with just two cats — our oldest female of 12 years old, and a 1-year old female who was among the last litter born in our neighborhood before we caught the mother and had her spayed. The 1-year old wanted to play with the oldest cat, but she had no interest in playing. She also wanted to play with the dog, but he didn’t seem interested, either. We wanted to comfort the little girl and give her a little playmate. We missed watching her play with her big sister and her mother.

July 30th, we went to the Humane Society and found a playful and happy little boy named Luke. Within just a few days, he was completely at home, running everywhere and purring constantly! As he scooted from room to room, under our feet, on and in everything, the name Scooter just seemed natural.

In less than one week, our 1-year old girl began to play with Scooter, and as of today, three weeks later, they’re now best buddies! Even our 12-year old cat and the dog like him! Scooter is the happiest little buddy we’ve had in years. He sleeps with us, runs to me when I walk through the door after I come home from work in the evening, and he’s incredibly playful.

Thank you, Humane Society, for helping to rebuild our happy little family of pets. We do our best to take care of them, and in return, they give us so much unconditional love.